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UNIQ Hotel and sustainable tourism

In its pursuit of greener tourism, UNIQ Hotel stands out for its many initiatives promoting sustainable development in the travel economy.

More than anything else, UNIQ Hotel wants to be an active player in the environmental preservation, in the circular economy and in the integration, inclusion and social justice, and aims to become the leader in sustainable outdoor hotels in Quebec.


What is sustainable tourism?

World Tourism Organization defines sustainable tourism as "tourism that takes full consideration of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, meeting the needs of visitors, professionals, environment and host communities".


It is not a product to sell or a specific segment, but rather an individual responsibility as entrepreneurs and travelers and a collective responsibility as a society that cares about protecting future generations.

Sustainable tourism at the UNIQ Hotel

Our vision of sustainable tourism shines through in our daily operations. Besides the unique glamping experience in symbiosis with nature, our operating method allows us to leave no trace of our passage. Through eco-friendly purchasing with quality products from environmentally conscious companies, we are able to create a truly unique and responsible Quebec experience. From organic plant-based beverages, to dried fruit snacks, to handmade soap, we want to promote healthy living and sustainable practices.

Every day, as we welcome our new guests, we offer a welcome cocktail that features products from local microbreweries or distillers. It is important for us to encourage local producers and reduce our footprint in the supply chain. In addition, the village is powered by solar energy and rechargeable batteries, a great way to make the most of available natural resources.





By moving according to the tourism offer and demand, we also promote the economic development of each area visited. We partner with several local actors to improve the guest experience (e.g. musicians, storytellers from the area, coffee served in the morning, meals prepared by a chef using local products, etc.).


We want to involve the citizens of each area in which we are located so that they can develop a connection to our project and make it their own.


Finally, we contribute to the circular economy by focusing on an optimized use of resources while reducing as much as possible the negative impacts on the planet.


Our team is constantly working to establish more responsible and environmentally friendly logistics.


Every little action counts

At the UNIQ Hotel, every little action counts for the environment. We promote the management of residual materials based on the zero waste principles, based on the 5R rule: refuse, reduce, repair/reuse, recycle and return to the earth.

We need the collaboration of every visitor to the UNIQ Hotel to achieve each of these steps.


To make a daily difference to the environment, here are a few simple things you can do when you visit us:


  • Carpool to our temporary village to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Avoid motorized boats to reduce water and noise pollution.
  • Use the waste, recycling and compost bins.
  • Be sure to use the organic body wash, laundry and dishwashing soaps offered by UNIQ Hotel in your "outdoor" kit.
  • Use mineral sunscreens and natural insect repellents to avoid sunburn and insect bites.
  • Build a fire responsibly by avoiding the use of wood from live trees and taking care to extinguish it with water.
  • Avoid feeding the wild animals so that they don't become used to our presence in the area.
  • Stay on the trails to avoid damaging the virgin soil and plants.

All of these small actions will help preserve the earth's beautiful natural landscapes that are ultimately the primary reason to travel. However, remember that we cannot be perfect in the actions we take to promote sustainable tourism. We must find a healthy balance for ourselves, others and the environment.


For the next summer season, we invite you to discover responsible tourism through our UNIQ experience!


See you soon!

Our local suppliers

It is essential for us to support the local economy, that is why we are proud to share with you our favorite suppliers.


Our mission "without leaving any trace" is respected even in the choice of our cleaning products.


You'll see, to try them is to adopt them!