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Like the adventure in a different way

Treat yourself to a moment of well-being in the heart of nature in the comfort of our unusual accommodations.

With this temporary, exclusive and eco-friendly concept that travels through several gorgeous areas of Quebec, a new experience will surprise you every time!

Pack your bags and discover this amazing destination with us

Pack your bags and discover these three destinations with us


The UNIQ Hotel Village


The UNIQ Hotel Village moves to magical locations that deserve to be known or to destinations where there is a need for accommodation due to the high number of tourists.

Take advantage of the UNIQ Hotel Village to relax, explore and socialize with other travelers.

Live a unique eco-friendly experience in Quebec!


The UNIQ accommodation

The UNIQ accommodation offers a perfect balance between camping, which allows a privileged contact with nature, and the conventional hotel, which ensures service, design and comfort.


This eco-friendly accommodation is already fully equipped with everything you need to have a memorable stay.



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