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Can we stay at UNIQ Hotel for one night only?

To ensure you can fully enjoy the UNIQ village experience, we only allow one-night stays during the week.


We also promote the concept of "slow travel"!


*Reservations for single-night stays can be made by phone only when such a night falls between two existing bookings.

Do you allow dogs?

No, unfortunately, we do not accept dogs to ensure an optimal customer experience (e.g., allergies, noise, fear of dogs).

What is included in the collective kitchen?

The amenities provided include dishware, 3 barbecues, tongs, bottle openers, coffee makers, pots, pans, cooking utensils, can openers, knives, cutting boards, 4 propane burners, mixing bowls, salt and pepper, oil, dish bins with biodegradable soap.

What is the cancellation policy?

We accept cancellations up to 14 days before the arrival date. Beyond this period, you have the option to transfer your reservation to a friend!


Please note that refunds are possible by presenting a medical certificate dated the same day as your reservation.

How many people can we be in each room?

We provide one double bed per unit. If desired, you have the option to add up to two additional single beds at a cost of $25 per bed per night, subject to availability.


To make this request, please get in touch via email at myriam@hotel-uniq.com or by phone at 514-601-6747. This way, your accommodation capacity can accommodate up to 4 people (2 adults and 2 children, or 3 adults), depending on availability.


Additionally, you are welcome to bring inflatable mattresses for young children under the age of 5 at no extra cost.

Are there toilets and showers on site?

For each destination, a complete sanitary unit is available, featuring hot showers and toilets.

What do we do about food?

You will need to bring your own cooler containing your meals for the duration of your stay.


However, for each destination, we have partnerships with chefs/restaurants that offer options such as picnic baskets, on-site meals, or invitations to their restaurant located near the UNIQ village. These options will vary based on the chosen destination.


Please be aware that our suppliers require a 48-hour preparation period for your meals.

Is there electricity in the units?

No. Nevertheless, it's possible to rent a portable electricity station based on availability, at a rate of $20 per night.

We are a family of four (2 adults and 2 children). Is the UNIQ Hotel suitable for us?

Absolutely !

units are spacious enough to accommodate up to 4 people. Each unit comes with a double bed, but there's the option to add up to two single beds at an additional cost to meet your needs.


You can also bring inflatable mattresses, particularly for children under the age of 5, if that suits you better.