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UNIQ Hotel, the story

UNIQ Hotel is first and foremost a story of passion for Quebec, for people well-being and the great outdoors. The concept of unusual temporary accommodations as it exists today was born following several reflections by Myriam Corbeil and Solène April.

Following the departure of her partner in November 2020, Myriam took over and began her third season across Quebec in the summer of 2022 with her 18 unusual nomadic accommodations.


From traveler at heart to passionate female business owner

A traveler with a passion for the outdoors, the environment and the well-being of people, Myriam Corbeil was inspired by her escapades abroad to create a glamping experience out of the ordinary. A lover of youth hostels and the closeness that is created between travelers, she first thought of settling abroad, but the attraction of Quebec was stronger. She combined all the aspects of her travel experiences to bring them to her native home province of Quebec, a place she cherished just as much and which, in the end, had nothing to envy to those popular destinations of the world.

"Quebec has everything to offer: great landscapes, forests, waterways, a warm summer, it was the perfect destination to bring to life an unusual accommodation." 

Define a unique accommodation concept
It was during a weekend in a cabin to recharge her batteries that the creative idea of founding an unusual, ephemeral and eco-friendly accommodation company was born. Inspired by the nomadic peoples during her extraordinary experience in tents in the middle of the desert of Morocco, by her frequent contact with nature and the realization of its benefits and the importance of protecting it, by the moments of connection between travelers during her many backpacking trips practicing “slow travel”, the concept of Hotel UNIQ slowly took shape and took on its full meaning. The adventure began!

The beginning of the UNIQ Hotel story

Initially dedicated to fulfilling the lack of rooms during festivals and outdoor events in the area as an eco-friendly pop-up accommodation, Hotel UNIQ had to reconsider its business plan with the arrival of the pandemic.

It was at this point that the glamping experience in Quebec was enhanced with the goal of promoting psychological and physical well-being through contact with nature, culture and a community of caring travelers.


With the appeal of nature that was felt by most travelers and the need to get together in a community to live an extraordinary experience, Hôtel UNIQ has hit the mark with its ephemeral, exclusive and eco-friendly village.


From the summer of 2020, Hotel UNIQ welcomed more than 300 visitors in two months in its 10 accommodations and in 2021, more than 750 in five and a half months in its 15 accommodations. In 2023, the events/festivals division began to develop in parallel with the nature village. More than 800 guests this time were accommodated in the 21 glamping tents. A tremendous success for these first three years of existence in addition to exceptional feedback from thecommitted customers who want to participate in the improvement the concept!


The environment and sustainable tourism at the heart of our DNA

UNIQ Hotel wants to be part of the sustainable development and reduction of growth by reconsidering the tourism industry and more specifically the ecotourism in natural environment.  «The UNIQ Hotel experience is proof that it is possible to combine sustainability, comfort and environmental awareness in a business context. We want to become a symbol of sustainable tourism and commitment in Quebec»

Leaving no trace in its path, changing location according to tourist needs, temporary accommodations promise to promote a greener way of traveling.

A diversified path to get there

Myriam has many interests and passions that she wanted to include in her project to make it completely UNIQ. Having first completed a technique in social work, she then turned to a bachelor's degree in business administration, with a focus on tourism, and it is through this last academic path that she discovered her entrepreneurial spirit.

While the UNIQ Hotel concept was being developed in the context of a pandemic, she was completing a doctorate in organizational and work psychology, to keep the human being at the center of her concerns.

Myriam has worked in the hotel industry all over the world and even opened her own travel agency in medical tourism before the UNIQ Hotel. Her desire to create positive experiences in people's lives remains strong and it is under the collective tent that she can be found every day discussing with her guests the benefits of nature on human beings or simply sharing a good time!


UNIQ Hotel in 2022

In the summer of 2022, two Quebec destinations will be put ahead with the temporary nomadic accommodations. Hotel UNIQ has 2 employees, 2 interns and a ton of volunteers, friends and family who help organize, move and install the village in new locations during the summer season.

It's also shows, yoga retreats, happy hours with local products, corporate and recreational events, weddings and sweet moments around the fire laughing, chatting and enjoying good times with campers.


Our achievements

Entreprise de l'année en 2021 en tourisme

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Gagnante du prix Excellence en tourisme remis par l'AITQ et le Ministère du Tourisme (2021)

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Récipiendaire de la bourse Excellence MT Lab et du Ministère du Tourisme 

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Récipiendaire de la bourse + de la fondation Montréal inc.


Récipiendaire de deux bourses du centre d'entreprenariat de l'UQAM

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Personnalité de l'année d'après le Journal Métro


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